If money was no object, where would you live, and why?


Ok, let's try this and release stress of life.
Post the name of place if money was no object, where would you live?


Why don't you tell us where you would like to live if money was no object @NehaSaxena?


I like to live at home.


I'd stay pretty much where I am. I have good neighbours, a low crime rate, clean air, beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife ; why would I want to move? Yes, we're pretty remote and don't have the same facilities as a city, but the things we do have are things which money can't buy.


On a yacht in Ibiza, sounds good enough.


Off the grid somewhere beautiful, I find there are too many humans around :stuck_out_tongue:


If money was no object I would set a business up which would give me enough time and energy to enjoy this world.

I would probably live in a lovely detached house with a relatively big garden around the corner where I live now, just so I don't have to live with my parents. Our area is very nice, no crime, people are friendly and I've been here since I was 8, so I don't fancy moving. Although I would like to own houses in various spots around the world so I can live a few months of the year and enjoy different cultures as well as keeping my life interesting.


Probably on a beautiful beachfront somewhere with a live community and great nightlife. Socializing is one of the keys to happiness, at least for me it is :slight_smile:


Well, I need a place with good Sunset View, also I am so foody so need a place where I can get all my Favorite foods around me. :wink:


Sicily, in a small house near the beach. I would own a small ship too, mostly to hang out on the sea, and to fish. Now that would be life.


Somewhere around here. Who needs reasons to want to live here?


Norway. Or Iceland.


I'd buy an island and build a magnificent island oasis/compound. It would have to be someplace that is close enough to the mainland but far enough away to feel remote.


probably in my farmhouse...where i will plant vegetables, do poultry, etc. and survive :smiley:


Hawaii, because why not? love the sun


I would like to live at the island called Santorini , situated in Greece. The reason behind this, its the nature view and the peaceful environment.


Italy would be my place to go :)!


I've been very fortunate in that I've visited every continent with the exception of Antarctica. I've also lived outside the US in Asia which was a great and enjoyable experience. My preference would be somewhere in the South Pacific or quite possibly the Philippines. As long as I have a great Internet connection/speed I'm good to go.

Steve; lazily dreaming of paradise when I should be working


As much love for my own country and it's level safety, if money were no issue, I think it'll be nice to move to Japan for its culture, lifestyle, and food without compromising on the level of safety and technology.


In Himalayas :smile: