Where do you want to travel to?

Personally, its all Latin America for me, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico…so many great locals; what about you?

Sudtirol near Switzerland is great !

Romania, East Europe, come to our beaches ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Not where I live. :mad: Where do you live?

You’ll find naked women almost all the beaches !

I’d like to go to Cap D’ Agde, France, or Spain. Women go naked on the beaches. :slight_smile: :cool:

For a new couple the best place is Paris !

I want to travel to Switzerland .I like that place.Its very romantic place for a new couple.Thanks .

Bora Bora sounds good !

I like to visit Ladakh.

Alright, guys and gals, it’s been fun!
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Thread closed.

I want to visit Switzerland…

I’d like to visit the Queen Charlotte Islands again. “Canadian Galapagos”. It’s an interesting place. No sea turtles though. Needs some sea turtles.

Ploiesti with a few days in Bucharest while on the way.

And Iraq and Iran. But not to just visit briefly, and certainly not while it’s all overly dangerous.

You just repeat…

When you are planning your Vacations for the summer, you should know there is no better way to get an escape from the daily grind than to spend some time outside.Really wanna get back to basics with a tent, a fire and the great outdoors.

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Lastminute, don’t forget Tibet :slight_smile:


I would really like to go Malaysia, Japan and Switzerland.

Not really true, Milan is more stylish. I really would like to visit Bali.

i would go india in search of peace my friend tell their are lots of places to visit
Adventure sports is our of main attraction of india
after india i would like to go Australia and many more places