Where do you prefer to live?

The City Or the Countryside?
Personally I want to live in the countryside, I’m a nature lover!
How about you, where do you want to live?

Along the shore of Lake Michigan. The air is fresher than anywhere on earth (though some parts of the Rockies come close).
My list of three would then include a yacht on the Aegean Sea, going between Tuscan Italy and the Greek islands; and then a cottage in Jackson, Wyoming.

Countryside… It’s much more peaceful:)

Hawaii perhaps.

Same to me I also like to live in countryside.


I would also like to live in nature but i live at Pune, the Cambride of India.

I like both… Countryside should always be for enjoying and having fun.

I like staying at a place which is full of greenary and peace.

lol @ indoors. Haha…
I lived in country/mountains of Tenessee (kind-of), I find it lonely, but pretty.

I love to live near beach, but some time it is really dangerous.

My dream is to live in Saudi Arabia in the city of Holy mosque.

A Countryside within a city would be ideal to me :slight_smile:

I prefer to live Countryside.

I would prefer to live where i could get love to people.

Countryside with a lot of trees.

I miss my old Howth so much; been in Bucharest, Romania for 2 years now!

I feel for you Liam. Every time I have to go to Bucharest I prepare my self for the big city hostility. And it’s mostly about Bucharest. Other big cities, like Cluj, or Sibiu, don’t have this obvious hostility in them. Quite the contrary. I turned down a job just because of the fact that it was based in Bucharest.

I like the little town I was born in. It’s in the beautiful Moldovian Region in Romania. Both near nature and near civilization. One thing we all aim for, I guess.

Really? All that “Global Warming”, and “Climate Change” hasn’t hit you yankees yet? :lol:

I’d think Canada will start polluting more and take care of that clean aire there

Personally, I like livin out in the woods where trespassers are shot first and questions are asked later (they should be goin on other people’s property)

Definitely the country. The city has its perks at times, but I prefer the peacefulness of the country.