IE8 64 bit vs IE8 32 bit

I have a friend that is on Windows Vista 64 bit system and I am on Windows Vista 32 bit. When she reviews sites that I have created the layout is totally messed up. I have verified the site on IE7 and IE8 on two different computers as well as other browsers (Mozilla, Opera, Safari). There are no issues. My code is W3 compliant (except the paypal form).
Is there something I am missing? (other than its IE). Are there known issues with 64bit IE?

I’ll second that. If the font size change is breaking things horribly, you’ve got layout issues. I’m willing to be that on my computer where I’m set to large fonts/120 dpi your site has endless issues.

But I’d have to see the site in question to give you a breakdown of what’s actually wrong with it - though the wild guess list would include using fixed height images behind dynamic font-sized elements (fixed height images are made of /FAIL/ for anything that wordwraps like your actual CONTENT paragraphs), absolute positioning of elements that shouldn’t be removed from flow, faulty/outdated border techniques (like using nine images and a table for borders), etc, etc…

Basically, if that one setting was making such a difference, your problems likely run a LOT deeper than you think.


Thanks for willing to help me out. I was able to get my friends computer and look at her settings. It turns out the text size had been changed. She didn’t remember changing the setting. It fixed the issues.

Again Thanks.

You might want to reconsider your design if a modest(?) (Couldn’t be too big a change or she wouldn’t have forgot.) font size change breaks things. Lots of people configure fonts for better readability.



There shouldnt be any differences in rendering between x64 and x86 versions of the application, however lets see some code and a write up of whats wrong.