Size and posision messed up in IE, safari and opera

so im almost finished my first site! very excited. its for my dads business, hes a screening contractor. actually i doubt he will get any business out of it, even once we get our real domain name and everything because i don’t even know how to get Google to like it. its OK though, its mainly just a practice site for me anyways before i make a resume site for myself. anyways, it consists of 3 divs, an html content area, and a flash banner and a flash menu, which stretch depending on the window size to keep their aspect ratio. everything works exactly as planned in Firefox, chrome, and pure flash player. but in IE, safari and opera, the size and position of things are way messed up! (only really care about IE). the edges of dynamic text are slightly to the left or right and hanging behind things because of it, same with some movie clips. and when i didn’t want things to appear on the stage i set their x position to be the length of the stage, BUT IN IE U CAN SEE THE EDGE!

please tell me why this is happening, heres the site:

im using tweenmax if that has anything to do with it btw