Site looks great in all browsers except IE8 and under


First of all, I’d like to apologize for my first post being about the dreaded IE, I’ve been hanging out for a while and finally need some help.

I’d also like to mention as a precursor that I’m using Javascript to modify some of the widths and heights as well as some of the css of elements in real-time to make the site always fill up the entire screen with a min-width as well.

The site works great in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, IE9 and Opera.

Could you take a look at the site in IE6 and 7 (haven’t tested in 8 yet) and let me know what I’m doing wrong? Site is valid HTML4.01 Transitonal.

Looking Glass by Fi-Med

Thank you!

EDIT: There is one tiny “bug” in IE9, not sure why, but any height from the panel div with scrollbar is added to the bottom of the document. Any ideas?

Alright, I fixed the IE9 scrollbar problem, for some reason the #container div was triggering a scroll bar it didn’t need, so I set overflow:hidden for #container.

As for it looking ridiculous in IE6 I’ve discovered that even though the width should be set to somewhere around 1100 in this statement

$("#leftcontent").width($("#container").width() - $("#rightcontent").width());

it somehow gets set to 400,000px+…it doesn’t make any sense. I’ve “alerted” the math and it comes up lower (1100ish), then I alert #leftcontent’s width and it comes up 400,000+…

EDIT: Alright, got a little closer. Removed “px” from the if statements for the min-width and max-width javascript code. Now I can at least see MOST of the content on the screen…