Changing Font-size in Internet Explorer 8 breaks Website


My clients tells me that his new website is not displaying correctly in Internet Explorer 8. Especially when zooming in or enlarging the font sizes in the [URL=“”]image gallery, the font and images get corrupted.

I haven’t been able to reproduce or fix this however. Can anybody confirm this error or even suggest a fix?

Thanks for any help!

When zooming the page, I see everything enlarge exactly as I would expect.

When changing the font size, nothing at all happens because the font size has been set in px rather than in proper units (% or em) :eek:

As Victorinox says, if you can’t reproduce the problem either then you’ll need more specific information from the client.

Seek clarification of what the client means by “corrupted”. If it’s not possible to visit the client and see for yourself, request screenshots or a photo - even from a mobile phone.

I’ve known clients to expect that images will be infinitely zoomable without loss of definition.

I was unable to recreate the problems you described using IE8, for me it works exactly the same in all browsers.