Where you bid web development projects

I have started working freelance just about 6 months now. Its been a mixed success and failure. So far landed 6 projects.

I know some web designers, who mentioned they BID on projects. However they wont disclose where they bid, which makes sense I guess. All these projects they bid on are local.

Just wondering if any of you know where you can bid on local projects? I am located in Bosotn, MA, USA to mention.

Well, to name a few.

Design : 99Designs.com (I’ve won 1 entry out of 50 or so)
Programming : getacoder.com, rentacoder.com, project4hire.com, elance.com

However, getting a project (winning bid) is nearly as likely as hitting the lottery, especially with the way people outsource things now days.

I don’t tend to use freelance websites like guru or elance because there’s so many fake jobs and low bidders it really takes the value out of them. However there are some job boards which you could look at if your interested in more long term prospects, you might be able to land some decent freelance work with them.


I agree with Alex. A lot of places have ‘dead-end’ auctions / bids. I’ve had my share of people simply going missing and never respond or hire anyone for the job.

Believe it or not, I found my dream job on Craigslist. From the stats, they contribute to helping unemployment more than your state’s own Dept. of Labor and Job Boards.