I want to sell health site

Hi iam having health site with rich content content beautiful look and traffic many more. But where i have to sell this and how to sell please give me good suggestions i will follow your hints

MY SITE : http://www.bestherbalpills.com THIS site I WANT TO SELL as soon as possible FOR BEST PRICE.

You could try the free marketplace at digitalpoint.

Hi ndurgesh,
You could try either flippa.com or digitalpoint.
Good luck.

Hi, you can contact Ebay to sell you site. They will going to help you with the details. I have read an article on how to sell you site on the right price. Try to check it out so that you will going to get an idea with the price of your site. Hope this will help you. Here is the link of the article.



flippa or digitalpoint are good suggestions if the site is not a huge revenue generator.

Its probably best to give us some info on the traffic and revenue of the site etc, that way you can determine the bes toptions of places to sell the kind of site it is.