How can sell my blog

I want to sell my blog, anybody help me about blog sell.


You could try selling it on Flippa but it doesn’t mean that someone will surely buy it. try o do it more times and I am sure that you will find some buyer.

if u want to sell blog then the only way is your blog get good traffic and produce some money then it will be great for u to sell it out

But first you need to know for how much you want to sell it.

but to be able to give you more advices about the chances to sell it, can you tell us your blog?

What is the ceiling amount of a month old blog?

You can post to different forums marketplace.

Flippa is the biggest marketplace for websites, in fact a lot of people advised for but selling of a blog is a much more delicate process.

You should really try Flippa if you want to make a strong profit. If you aren’t able to give too much info out and are a bit more private in means of contact, try digital point forums or try ebay.

I never tried selling blogs but I guess it looks nice. Can we sell a casino blog?

I wonder: when selling it, what are you exactly selling and what the other party is buying? A look and feel? A domain? The existing content?

In addition to that, your blog must have a good PR, content and less outgoing links. is also an another place to sell a blog.

You can sell on different online marketing forums. You you can announce on your own blog that you are selling your blog.

I think you can also try out flippa

You can sell it also on Amazon, but first of all you have to think if you have a bigger enough traffic to sell it, if there will be people interested in.

Thanks for tips, but i need more information about blog site sell.


parking its domain at sedo

You can sell your blog at Digital Point Marketplace, eBay Listings.

You can head over to the SitePoint Marketplace.