Where would be the best place to sell one of my sites?

Hi All,

I am looking to sell a website that i currently run, content wise it falls into the ‘web design inspiration’ category i suppose.

what im selling is the existing 5 yr old*domain, twitter account with 700 followers, 575 RSS subscribers, current web design & all files associated with it.

in terms of stats about 3-4 years it was getting about 3000 visits a month, its now getting about 300 a month due to some downtime, lack of maintenance & lack of promotion, for this reason im not sure it would be a huge success on flippa but i do think it still has some worth behind it and would like to find it a home with a designer who has some interest in the area!

All help appreciated! Thanks.

You can sell your website on forums.

Try to sell via forums or special portals.

Not on this forum :slight_smile:

Who knows. But flippa is one of the places to sell your website. So I guess your question is if there are better places?

post the thread like this one on advertisement websites, ebay… as many as you can, Many people will catch it. But 300 visits seems to be so poor

thanks for the suggestions, names of forums / special portals is what i was hoping to find out.

300 visits is poor, but its more the brand, domain, site design, rss, twitter, etc. that i’d imagine people to be interested in. (plus i wouldn’t be expecting much… )

Flippa is the best place to sell your website.

Another hit place is sedo ( More preferable for domains)

You can also sell via digitalpoint,warriorforum.

Flippa is currently THE place; you can also try Sedo. With the stats you mentioned, I’d bet you’d still get a fair figure for it; I’m surprised at some of the stuff that sell for much on Flippa. However, as you know, the actual wording of the domain weighs much in the equation as well <= that, you did not disclose!


You can sell your website at Forum’s or by using Classified ads.

Look for a forum where there’s a thread of buy and sell. Mostly webmasters forum’s has it.

300/3000 visitors a month is really very poor. what is the price of your domain .

The price is irrelevant, since he can’t sell it here.