I want to make a online movies website?

Hi Guys, I am totally new to this forum. I want to Make a website where people can watch online movies. what are the requirements, tools, codes, player (Need more info on player) needed to design website and make it functional from scratch.

That’s an ambitious project if you don’t have a clue about the web world. It also depends if by watching online movies you mean selecting videos in youtube and showing them to your viewers or you’re thinking on a subscription site (like netflix) where people can watch movies and series or anything that they may watch on TV.

So the very first thing, you need to know what you want and be specific.

Especially if you’re going to monetize on this, you’ll need a business plan and that means doing your homework properly: who will watch this?, which is my market?, how many of them are? How to get the content? Copyrights? Expenses: hosting, electricity, promotion, employees…
You also need agreements with the companies that distribute the movies or with those who make them so you can have access to their movies and permission to play them online.

For the website itself, you’ll need a good designer, a good programming team and a good hosting (lots of bandwidth and reliability as well as a hard disk space, a cloud system with backup copies and redundancy will be better)

The technologies you shoud use would depend on your hosting and your programming team knowledge: HTML, CSS for sure, probably JavaScript, at least one server-side programming language (.NET, PHP, Ruby…)

If you have limited resources, i would suggest you to post your videos on youtube and then embed them in your website. This would be the easiest way to start your online movies website. If you find success, you can always expand with proper resources.

you can start with CMS scripts like wordpress , because is well optimised by Google , and chose a best media theme. if you plan to host movies in your own web site you need a big storage space , and you will be risqued to be downed and reported by DMCA , if not you can use third video hosting platforms like exashare or you watch and then post links directly into your web site.otherwise you can use rss grabber plugin and automaticcaly generated content to your web site from other streaming sources.

i wish this can help;

to create a multimedia use php & mysql there are many php frameworks for multimedia content (video, audi0)
if you want to create a commercial products i suggest you do it from scratch
but if its just a project then use a cms and customize, you need something that supports php i.e drupal, joomla

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