How to do this....?

I’ve wanted to start a movie site for ages now, similar to IMDB in a sense except not as complicated.

I’ll most likely make it through wordpress because I don’t have much coding experience and I’d rather start it asap.

I’d want the design to be similar to but have more social features (I understand I’ll need to do some coding). I also want to integrate a MyBB discussion forum and there’s one feature that I really want in but have NO idea how to do it.

I want a points system that goes across the whole site eg- If you rate a movie you get points, or you comment on an article or if you make a forum post…

Any help would be great!

Thanks :slight_smile:

This likely won’t be possible out-of-the-box, so you’ll either need to learn how to do it yourself or you’ll need to hire a programmer/developer to create this functionality for you.

There is a plugin that integrates MyBB with WP and there are several ranking systems available, but none (as far as I know) can accomplish what you’re after.

Ok, thanks. I’ll see if I can get some coders on board or I’ll try learn it myself.

I take it IMDB was created from scratch?

I’m quite positive that IMDB is a custom-built site, yes.

Have you asked for help in the WordPress Support Forum, they specialise in this sort of thing and can point you in the direction of all the plugins you could need much better than here.

Ok, thanks.

Ah, I’ll go do that!