I want suggestion regarding my new website?

Hello frnds,

I have purchased the new domain “hellobuddy” and i am little bit confused about the theme for this name. What i create for this website like a forum, a dating site, a community site, etc. Plz suggest me what is best for this website. And how can i earn through this .


What was the reason you buy that domain? What was your purpose?

Doing a Google search you might want to look at a music theme. Seems that there are a lot of interest there…

thanks for your suggestion and yes you are right. I have purchased this for community site but currently there is so many community website and now i thought that i will make this site as a forum. Plz suggest me if i make it forum then it is best suitable with the name of the site.

Thanks once again

It doesn’t matter if there are too many community websites or not… you should already have a goal and a plan when you bought the domain. It doesn’t work this way. A business (even if it is monetizing a forum or a community site) needs a full plan to be executed and careful thought.

Having the name but not the goal doesn’t look like the right way of doing things.

We have no answers for you… we can answer a specific question but what can you do with your site? what’s best for it? How can I tell when I don’t know what you would consider a good revenue… and what you’re willing to do to achieve it?

This is like asking me “What can I do with my life?” I wouldn’t be able to answer… your dreams and hopes are yours and so the decisions.

My only suggestion is that if you really make money in the long run and since it looks like you don’t have a clue about where you’re getting into, you search google about all the information possible about communities, forums, etc. and once you learn a bit, you decide if you want to do anything at all.

Why would you purchase a domain without thinking everything through? I do not quite see the point. I have no idea in what way you could use it, but then again, I think you should think of a purpose for this domain yourself. If the concept should come from someone else, I don’t know if you could even possibly execute it ‘correctly’.

Regarding your statement that you were originally planning on using it for a community; why can’t you make a community? It’s your idea and you might as well pull it off. Who knows? Your argument that there are many communities online already, does not seem valid to me. It really depends on the way you do it. For example, I know a community that was quite recently launched, but they had a somewhat original concept and they simply executed it the ‘correct’ way, which actually makes their community quite popular amongst designers.

A dating site, bcoz people searches more dating site as compared to other website

Totally Agreed with you… it should be a Dating Site… Many people around us are looking for such dating sites :slight_smile:

Hi There,

The domain name looks really good. Off course we need to buy domain after planning but it is OK if you found a good domain and now planning for the concept. The name hellobuddy gives sense like social site and you can go for a dating site. Do some research work and make a interesting website.

Google Adsense and other ad companies are good sources to earn through a website by making your website popular. Hire any SEO company for this work.

You can use this domain for Community site. May be it is the best option.

A dating site called Hello Buddy? Not sure, the name doesn’t look serious for that kind of thing

It doesn’t matter what you go with, whether its a Forum or a Dating Site you will have alot of sites to compete against.If you are willing to put in the time and effort it takes to get your site going it will make you money but just remember when you start a new website it might take 6 months to a year before you see good results for your effort.

It could work for a dating site, for a music site, even for a support site for people in relationship problems.

Hey ,
Use Google Ad-ward, Then you will got exact theme which you want,
Otherwise you may failed to got what you want, Always relay on latest trend , If you follow Google trend then will got more business.

Hi, the domain refers to a good dating or a morning news site where you can post the news of your local and some day to day tips of managing the work while on their busy schedule. You could also make a site where people of your community meet and share their reviews about their day to day life, their experiences and all.

You should have thought about the particular niche that you are really interested in before you purchased your domain. If your primary goal is to create a community or dating site, then why not go with it. Even if there are a lot websites on these particular niches, you can still stand out above the rest if you provide quality content. The content of the website plays an important role to its success and failure.

Hello Buddy is good, this domain name giving a feeling for a community platform for friends to interact.

“hellobuddy” is good for “dating site” or for a “community site” now the choice is yours.

nothing new under the sun. I’m closing the thread :slight_smile: