I need serious traffic to my programming channel and website

Hey guyz,

I am an experienced web developer, and now i work on android and python stuff. recently i launched my youtube channel because some of my mates / friends encouraged me to share knowledge with other and earn from channel too this can be a good extra income to support in rainy days. So whenever i get time i release a useful programming video, these day i am releasing python videos, the only thing that worries me is that i am not getting much traffic / subscriber, so please guide my for real traffic generation.


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You shouldn’t worry much about marketing on Youtube, if your content is of high quality, it will boost your videos. So concentrate on your videos’ quality, hire a designer to make a fantastic preview and so on

Everything depends upon you here. You should use better quality of content and start applying some advertising strategies. Share your youtube channel with friends, family and office people.

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Can you explain how “I have a youtube channel” is press-release-worthy?

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Interestingly, “Press Releases Without News” is listed at number two in this article from 2012:


It never ceases to amaze me how long it takes for outdated SEO “advice” to stop circulating. unhappy