I need help!

Hello there guys,

I work in a software company, and our software (this software is used by developers) is really the best of his kind on the market today, seriously! My boss only use google addwords as advertisement, sometimes he also advertise on sites like phpkode or hotscritps.

Is this enough? how to show developers our products?

I have no advertisement knowledge at all and i want to come with some nice ideias about it, can you guys help me?

You can use an advertising network that will advertise the network for you. AdWords is just one type of advertising. There are hundreds of online ad networks that will advertise your software.

If it’s a software company, have you thought about opening an affiliate program?

What you mean by affiliate program?

I also think that you should start your own affiliate program and place it on Affiliate Network and other Affiliate-marketing related sites, and you will find people who will be marketing your products for you for comissions from every sale/lead.
If you have a team of programmers, this won’t be difficult for you at all.

Develop a free site like blogspot and display your products there. Do SEO to bring traffic to the site

Press Release submission can help you in promoting your software. You can also join groups in social notworks that are related to software and participate genuinely.

Use SEO with the homepage of the software website.
Advertise on forums as well.
Can do offline advertising.
Can also use affiliate marketing sites such as clickbank

If your software is good, try to joint venture and promote the software to customer lists owned by other businesses. Look for others who have a list of customers in your niche, negotiate a deal where they get a percentage each sale, and then sell your software to that list.

Hi you can use SEO techniques.
And you can share links in your friends on social bookmarking.

Do SEO for your site. Submit about your product in the free classified sites. Make press releases about your product and write articles about the software product and submit it to article sites.

Agree that you should do a mixture of Pay per click and SEO. That will get you customers interested in your product. You can also try product ads by Amazon.

You can market the software on Youtube. Create a video that demonstrates the features of the software and how to use the software.

But pagerank isn’t required for sales, traffic or business success. Seems like you’re overly focused on a single metric and not seeing the broader purpose of marketing.

How do I Get traffic? Please give me a list I could follow.

It seems google has this whole seo so complicated that I’m seeing Big law firms with links or backlinks on there sites that shouldn’t even be there just to grt there page ranked higher. What gives besides giveing google more money?

Start a new thread, explain your business, your marketing attempts thus far and your goals. Best way to get ideas.

thanks . What thread is best?

The Internet Marketing forum if you want to talk broad tactics, SEO if you just want search or so forth. The options are pretty clearly labeled.

Create a website & promote it with your product keywords on the search engines. You can also use social networking sites for promotion. Also you can use emailer marketing…