How to let more people know our product

A friend of mine operates a software company with me, we are always thinking of measures to let more people know our product and our quality service.
We want to find a proper way, which can attract our potential customers, while not trouble those who dont need it.
surely, we will focus on online marketing.And Im searching for a good way. Anybody give me some suggestions, I will appreciate very much! thanks
by the way, our software is for dvd tools, computer optimizing, etc.

Have you tried submitting your software to the major file download portals (places like CNET, Tucows, Softpedia, etc), when people look for new pieces of software or products to download or purchase, their often the first places people will go to compare what’s out there. I recommend you submit your tools to their indexes so people can find them, it’ll increase your products awareness dramatically… especially if you offer a free trial or demo or free edition. :slight_smile:

To get target traffic, you can try searching and using proper keywords or keyword phrases, joining relevant forums and form online communities and offering newsletters.

Give away free trials to websites like Cnet, that’ll build some nice traffic, work on your webistes SEO, start ranking for some more longtail keywords “free easy converting dvd application” etc. That’ll build up some nice SE traffic, then take it from there, once your website starts to take off a bit, you’ll see a lot of backlinks built to your website, without you having to do anything. :slight_smile:

thanks very much for all your advices, Im trying my best to do all things, and we do have free trial, and last week, we have put one product on give away, but there is some trouble in the beginning . Hope everything will fixed.
Thanks again!

Give away free review copies every month in return for that persons honest critique and review about the product. Get them to send you a review or write about it on their site or blog.