Best way to promote/brand/sell piece of software!?

Friend of mine asked me to help out selling his 3 products:

  • online poll using the intuitive and easy-to-use admin
  • sweepstake snippet (works pretty much the same as poll)
  • FB app that alows user to manage sweepstaks via FB login
    Now, I’m no marketing genius but I do know he/we need to cover and treat differently promotion, branding and selling. Before you start about search the market and target your audience oddly enough there is one and it’s pretty damn narrow + I do not want to spam away every forum I might find as a start and i do not want to spam away my social network contacts with it.
    So…need advice on a potential work ahead!? What’s your take on this!? Your experience etc. I’d love this to be an open discussion on marketing tactics that others might use as well and I do now there are tricks of trade people are not interested to share but…every little helps even if it’s just a nudge in the right direction.

A few ideas for you:

  1. Get listed in some of the larger (quality) script directories, such as as it’s well established.
  2. Blog about it - talk about features, how to’s/tips n tricks, document enhancements and updates
  3. Provide excellent documentation, changelog etc
  4. Offer the best support you can, support can make or break the product
  5. Provide on site demos so developers/customers can “kick the tyres”
  6. Tweet about it, if you blog regularly you can keep your followers updated by posting links on Twitter/Facebook etc

I’d do some adwords + manual forums, social services marketing (and by marketing I mean just presentations of your (friends) software)

thanks mate you’ve got good point there. I’m suggesting right now about documentation.
addwords will have to wait right now till I check related keywords and costs…then it’s up to him :slight_smile:

Create a PDF/PPT of your Service to promote/sell and submit to Document Sharing Website. But dont forget to include your Portfolio and Contact Information into that. This might also work!

This is new to me and sounds interesting…I guess you don’t mean Dropbox or GoogleDocs so any example!?

Most of the software company first release a demo or trial version of their products and promote it in the website by

  1. Online Software Website
  2. Writing relevant content highlighting the free version and demo version for user
  3. Get Facebook and user review from the website.
  4. Writing promotional press release.
  5. Use PPC to cover maximum audience.

To Sell your software it is essential to provide free or demo version first.