Finding a Sponsor

I have a free simple webapp/webtool that is fairly popular for what it does. There are software companies out there that sell a much more advanced versions of my tool. So I was thinking that perhaps I could approach these companies to become my official sponsors.

But my training is in software development not marketing or sales. So I have no idea how to approach or what to say to these companies. Do you guys have any suggestions as to what I can say or how I should approch them?

Any help would be appreciated.

I guess the first questions you should ask are:

  1. Why should these companies be interested in sponsoring me?
  2. What will I/my app get out of the sponsorship?
  3. In regards to 2, is it worth the trade-off?

I handle some sponsorship enquiries for my workplace and find the most compelling requests are personal, show an understanding of what our company does and are very clear in specifying what we will get out of it (eg. exposure, site traffic, mentions at an event).

Once you’ve got that information cleat-cut, get in touch via email with the business development person (or similar) at said companies - be polite, keep it short and structured, show interest in what the company does. Nothing turns me off more than copy-and-pasted emails, or demands to get on a call, without explaining what the call will be about.

Of course, you should think about your own backyard first and foremost. Will your tool lose its (assumed) impartiality as a result of the sponsorship? Will it drive people away from your app, to these more advanced tools? As an edge case, would you be willing to sell your app, even? All good things to think about before you get tied up. Good luck!

Thanks roshodgekiss. That was exactly the type of input I was looking for.

If you could help me with some of these other questions I’d appreciate it.

  • “Get in touch via email with the business development person”
    Any tips on how to get this? Most companies only provide contact info for their support or sales department.

  • Price?
    How much to charge? Assume I make 200$ per month on Google Ads,
    I was thinking of charging them at least 3 times more for being my sole sponsor and getting rid of Google Ads.

  • Term?
    I assume a monthly contract is the norm? Or is it yearly?

  • Payment?
    Paypal I assume?

  • “Get in touch via email with the business development person”
    You can try emailing the support team, or contacting their company’s Twitter account for details.

  • Price?
    Make sure you talk about traffic numbers and demographic as part of a good argument for why this is value for money.

  • Term?
    It depends. Monthly is fairly common, though.

  • Payment?
    Again, it depends - PayPal is pretty convenient.

Take all this with a grain of salt - I’m not in a position to provide sincere business advice to you. Finally, you may want to look at alternative, targeted ad networks as a backup plan, or ways you can monetize your service.

Another question:
Why would I sponsor you if your product does less then mine?

You can make your product free and place affiliate links / banners for visitors to purchase the more powerful product.

Also try to sell it yourself. Make a site and start promote your products.
What is your webtool? Do you have a site / demo?

Sure, here you go. Click Here

Its just a simple webapp. The benefit for the sponsor would be direct advertisement to potential customers who are looking for a more advanced and complex version than what I offer.