I need extra traffic - is it worth paying for SEO/SERP

My website has become a bit stagnant. It’s still doing well, but it needs a push and I’m not sure what else to do.

I would be willing to invest in advertising and/or SEO providing it would yield results. Only thing is, I don’t know where to start and I don’t have the time to pursue it myself.

I don’t want to pay a company offering to get me to first page rankings in the first week etc. so was looking for some advice from people here.

Ideally, I would love to add an extra couple thousand uniques to my daily traffic.

Appreciate any help…

Website is http://www.wrestling-edge.com by the way.


Those are not easy keywords to rank for, and if anyone guarantees top ranks you should avoid him. You can do SEO yourself, but you will have to spend plenty of time learning, implementing and than there is trial and error, you know if you can afford all of that.

As for the company, interview a few, see what each has to offer and of course for what price. Like I said, don’t go with any company that guarantees top ranks, unless we are talking about SEOmoz or SEObook, but I don’t think you can afford to pay them :slight_smile:

Practical SEO

what keywords are you working on ranking for?

WWE News, Wrestling News, RAW Results, Smackdown Spoilers, WWE Spoilers, TNA News…

I think you’d quickly find that learning the fundamentals of SEO is well worth your time, unless you are particularly hands-off with your website. So I’d encourage you to read up on the basics and make sure you’re doing those things which can be quick-wins for the average website.

You’d be surprised at how things like tweaking your page titles, fixing link errors and improving your site navigation and internal link structure can go a long way to improving your indexing and rankings, and adding to your traffic.

There are thousands of resources available showing you where to start with your SEO campaign. Lots of information in these forums. Also do a Google Search for “SEO Fast Start”. a book by Dan Thies. This will get you on the right track!

And don’t go for any company that guarantees top rankings!

As per traffic concern then you have to give more time on the content which you are going to post in SMO sites, SMM sites, Articles Sites, Blog Posting etc . so do all this off page activity with impressive content that will attract visitor to visits once in you site.

How are your rankings for these keywords? You will want to spend some time with keyword research and see if you can pull in traffic off any related keywords or possibly with long tail keywords that are relevant. What you have listed are probably very competitive keywords however I haven’t looked at the actual numbers. The numbers are very important. Questions to ask: how many searches are actually taking place per day/week/month for your keyword phrases? How competitive is each keyword, and do you actually have a chance getting ranked highly for them? Obviously you don’t want to spend your time targeting keyword phrases that don’t get any substantial traffic, but at the same time you don’t want to chase after a keyword phrase that is ultimately too competitive where you end up wasting your time trying to rank for it.

Make the time and learn it yourself. If you ever do farm out, at least you will know what you are spending your money on.

I would be wary of any company that makes blanket hyped-up guarantees (like ‘we’ll have you at number one by Tuesday!’). That being said, if you want to hire an SEO company, talk to them. If you don’t feel comfortable, find someone else. However, there are some great resources out there that will teach you legitimate SEO techniques so that you can do it yourself. Just remember - SEO is never ‘done’. You always need to be working to maintain a good search engine ranking.