Taking my Website to the next level - need your help!

Hi Guys,

My website has been open 10 years now, and is placed in a very saturated market (wrestling). Hits have always been good, due to me promoting via other wrestling websites and a good batch of returning visitors.

My search engine rankings have always been quite steady, and I get some hits from them, but nowhere near enough to take it to the next level.

For the search team ‘WWE News’ on Google, I make the first page as the very bottom link, and the ones above me are very established Websites, including Sky Sports, the official WWE website, etc.

I basically just want to get a lot more traffic from search engines, but don’t have the time to dedicate to it. I’ve done the most I can in terms of title tags, SEO optimization, etc. but need additional help.

I know there are a lot of SEO companies out there, most of them claiming to get you at #1 in google rankings in x amount of time, but I don’t buy that. I know people on here will be honest in what I can achieve etc.

So with that said, what would you guys recommend as a good course of action… can you recommend a company or an SEO expert to take my Website to the next level… preferably individuals/companies with good track records…

The website is http://www.wrestling-edge.com by the way…

Thanks for listening…

In your OP you mention that you don’t really have time to dedicate to getting more SE traffic. Also, you’re trying to compete with some bigtime established sites.

So to compete with them properly you either need to find the time to dedicate to SEO tasks like link-building, or pay someone else to do your SEO for you.

I think you need to decide which way you’ll head first. If you go down the freelancer/agency path, it will probably be a trial and error process until you find someone who produces results for you, within the budget of what you’re prepared to pay.

That’s correct, yes.

I don’t have time, so right now it is going to have to be down the freelance/agency route… I am just trying to figure out which companies/freelancers are good and proven in delivering results. Can anyone from SitePoint recommend any one? It’s very hard to distinguish at the moment because you don’t actually know how good freelancers are, or if large organisation’s are just flipping you off with bold statements. My budget doesn’t really allow for much trial and error either.

I’m no SEO expert by any stretch, but would recommend getting rid of the pop ups. I’ve read time and time again that SE’s don’t like those - neither do visitors.

You’re probably right about the popups, but right now I need them there to cover costs. Also, the one I have up is only set to come up every 8 hours per user browser session, so it’s not that bad.


get rid of the pop ups as soon as you can.

Back links, back links, back links.

Quality over quantity - but back-links are the key.

Stay away from firms that guarantee #1 spot, or use the term “dofollow” :wink:

P.S. please don’t bump threads here on SitePoint - it’s against the rules.

But that means every first-time visitor is going to get slammed with the dang thing (yes I have a personal and intense dislike for pop ups!)

I totally understand the need to cover costs, but surely there’s a better way? It’s just IMHO, but I think you’re probably losing more visitors than gaining and wouldn’t keeping ppl on your site be more advantageous? As soon as my pop up blocker alerted me to the pop up I was out of there. Maybe try a peel ad or a floater or something a bit less intrusive and annoying.

You’ve said you’ve established yourself well - I should think you could then utilize a better approach.

On the flip side, it’s your site, your web “real estate”; your call - just trying to help, not be critical.

Thanks for the advice guys. I guess I could get rid of the popup, but would it honestly make that much of a difference to my search engine rank?

Sorry about the bumping!

Yeah I’ve read ‘quality’ backlinks are the way that you can benefit more in search engine ranks, but I’m not sure how to get them. As I say, the site has been established for near 10 years and is updated on a daily basis, sometimes more, so all content is fresh.

A company or freelancer for SEO wouldn’t help in this case then, you guys think?

I contacted a company called slingshotseo to discuss SEO - would someone like this be worth using, and has anyone any experience with them?

Agree with backlinks but other than that have you taken the time to do some more keyword research to target keywords that do not have as much competition compared to your main keywords.

You can start building deep backlinks to them and get traffic from them.

I understand that concept, but again it’s not really something I have time to do, which is why I posted on here to see if anyone would be able to help :slight_smile:

With regard to keyword research… I understand that it’s important to go after some that aren’t as common as others, but will the benefit be actually worth it in terms of traffic from them - especially if they aren’t as popular? Also, is there a tool to do some keyword research? I used google ad words, but it didn’t really give me that much.