Looking for a reliable & reputable hosting in the UK

Hello all,

just trying to move some of my wordpress websites to another provider in the UK, looking for something affordable and reliable, with a good tech support.
Have got recommendations about EUKHOST, Host Color Europe, EURO-SPACE hosting and EZPZ.
Does anybody have a good experience to share?

Thanks in advance!

I’ve not heard of those hosts for the UK, however there are plenty of hosts here within the UK.

First off, you are probably better working out what sort of hosting you are after and what sort of budget you are wanting to commit to hosting.

Shared, VPS, Dedicated etc

Thanks Tim, I just want hosting for the WordPress sites, they aren’t very heavy, so I think shared plan would be fine, but must be with the great performance. I did find that Euro-space has a Wordpress package specified which seems interesting, but I think any other providers’ hosting plan should also include wordpress and I’m trying to check what’s a difference between wordpress hosting and usual hosting?

Lots of places do offer shared hosting for Wordpress type sites, yeah, it’ll just be a case of picking one and trying it really - some work better than others, shared hosting is a little hit and miss depending on what other sites you share with.


I’m using WebHostingBuzz in the US but their top man is located in London with another set of servers (to serve the UK and Europe). As I’ve had excellent service, I can recommend them highly.

Additionally, you may want to checkout their “specialist hosting” packages as one of mine is for a client who demanded the extra processing requirements Joomla needs. WP’s design is so modular it also requires a great deal of CPU power to play “step and fetch it” for all the pieces it must acquire to assemble a page.

Lastly, a warning: WP is great at updating their software but you MUST keep up to date with them as they move along quickly. If you don’t, you’ll be left with gaping security holes and surely will have your site hacked.



Hi DK,

thanks for sharing, webhostingbuzz.co.uk looks good and their plans are not expensive, but their servers are in Amsterdam… London is preferred for me… I’m doing the “study” of Euro-Space right now, their support seems nice, so I’ll compare these two with EZPZ which I found is also good.

I second EZPZ. They are definitely good, the owner Dan is always available and is very helpful.

Perhaps you could read your own ‘perfect review’ you spammed elsewhere earlier this year?: