I have a couple e-books -- where should I find affiliates?

I sell a couple unrelated e-books. With the traffic I get currently, I sell around 1 book each per day. I’d like to get affiliates involved. I know of several services like commission junction, shareasale, and others, but I have no idea which is the best or whether they would be worth it or not.

The books sell for between $20 and $30, and I’m willing to pay a generous commission.

What’s the usual way to find good affiliates?

Most ebook affiliate programs are run on Clickbank. They have over 100,000 affiliates, list your book in their program directory so they can find it, and handle payments on your site and paying the affiliates.

Was just going to say Clickbank like the user above. A lot of ebook sites use them, so I’m sure they’ll be a good service for you too. Lots of affiliates are signed up with them as well.

I can sell your ebooks for that comission, if interested please PM me.

you can get your affiliate program free

Thanks for the feedback guys!

I’m a little iffy about clickbank’s terms – they sort of nickle and dime you. If it’s really the best, I’ll do it, but I was hoping for a sort of clearing house, like a directory of products available for affiliates to sell.

I already have the produce selling through e-junkie, which can set up affiliates also. The problem I really have is attracting affiliates.

Clickbank does a whole bunch of stuff that I don’t need – I only really want the ability to list my product where affiliates will find it. Does such a thing exist?

I like Clickbank

You can either use an affiliate network to find affiliates or find established big-time affiliates on forums. I woudn’t link to an external forum here but you can try googling for affiliate forums. Many affiliates are willing to sell your products - ones you can find via forums - if you have a quality product in a certain niche.

Clickbank my favorite.

Ok… You can create your Sale page template and give it for free