Ebook vs Website!

Hi! I think I can create an Ebook about some stuff and sell it using Clickbank. Do you thing is best this way or I better create an website and use the content with ads and affiliate banners? Doing an website is costly and long term but at least I have some experience and skills. Using Clickbank for me is for the first time… I don’t know how profitable and serious is this service… Sounds good after all I read about them… Selling an ebook with 60 dollars and 50% commission I can get 30000$ at 1000 sells? :goof:

Website earning will be of recurring nature. But if you intend to earn from ebook the income chances are restricted only to the number of sales that you will make. This is not the case with a website. There are various sources like PPC, Affiliate Networks that you can use on your website.

Yes and how much you earn from that site??

It depends on your efforts and talent If you can write ebook i think you should have website to brand it and get more trust from other people

No… I was asking about the difference in earnings that can be done with a site vs earnings from an ebook! If I can publish something should it be using an website or an ebook?

Gosh I wish it was as simple as 30000 x 1000…hahaha…Im afraid it does not happen that way… I have been earning enough to quit my job as far as clickbank is concern…But let me put things in perspective…Clickbank is a marketplace platform just like PayDotCom…If you have a good product, commission structure, and customer support, affiliates will promote your product in loads…Thats the advantage…

Also: You can’t just produce an ebook and expect people to suddenly come and make you rich, you’ll need a website, marketing and all sorts of long term hard work to actually let people know it exists and get people interested in the ebook (that and you really need to ensure the stuff your selling is both unique and high quality). Marketing is much more than “put it online and everyone’ll buy it”, it’s not a case of which works the best. :slight_smile:

I actually thought about creating an eBook for the text that I wrote - I heard from many people that I should publish it. But - just as Alex said - you’ll need a website that promotes it anyway.

Plus, I believe that information wants to be free - which means, I should be earning my money from ads placed on the website with free content on it. So - I decided in favor of the website - if interested, you can see the last link in my signature (a bit of shameless self-promotion :slight_smile: ).