Where do you look to find good affiliate products?

Hi everyone,

I’m looking at a number of services that will charge a fee to announce our affiliate program, and I’m feeling a little sceptical.

Before I go splashing cash around, I’d be really interested to know where people here go to look for affiliate products, so that we can focus our marketing in the correct areas.

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Well, try CPA Networks like Zanox, Peerfly, Maxbounty. They have good affiliate marketers working with them and they carefully choose their partners.

that can help you !
ant try to read here

Thanks sceptik. I hadn’t considered looking at Squidoo.

Fidelity-Nat - good suggestions in principle, but we’re not interested in giving an Affiliate Network a cut or using their software. The product is our own, and we are using PostAffiliatePro fully integrated into our user database for Affiliate Management. Looks to me like the Affiliate Networks are mostly focusing on ebooks etc, and some drop-shipping stuff, so not really a great fit.

We’re particularly keen to reach Article Marketers etc who will do content-led article / review approaches.

Try big affiliate networks like cj, linkshare, shareasale.
They sell all kind of product and their clients are sites like: kmart, target etc. So you can become an affiliate and sell anything.
True you will have to give them a share of your profit but there are a lot of advantages like you will be found easy by affiliate marketers.

The easy choice is to use a big name like CJ, ShareaSale, Amazon, Neverblue, etc. It really depends on your product and niche it’s on. There are some CPA networks that are better for some niches than others. What’s your product?

Try the Affiliate Networks like clickbank, sharesale etc.