Problems with SQL Server Management Studio Connecting to Server

I just bought Build Your Own ASP.Net 4 Web Site Using C# and VB 4th ed.
I downloaded Visual Web Developer and SQL Server Management Studio.
I have a 64 bit machine.
I noticed that Visual Web Developer got put into my Programs (x86) folder and On the other hand I only got the choice to download the 64 bit version of SQL Server Management Studio.

When I tried to run SQL Server Management Studio at the Connect to Server Dialog box I got an error message saying that the server could not be found. Could the problem be caused by what I said in the above information?

Any ideas in any case about what to do?

Hi I wouldn’t want any one to spend a lot of time on this since I got things figured out. The problem was actually simple and nothing to do with any of this. I just didn’t have /SQLEXPRESS in the right place.

Glad that you could sort it out :slight_smile: Well done and good job claps