I am facing indexing issue

Hi there, I have made a website two months ago. I have optimized google search console setup and submitted site. But still my site is not indexed. What should I do?


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There is no guarantee as to when Google will index your site, or even if it will do so at all.

@m_hutley’s slightly cryptic comment is the best answer anyone can give. You just need to wait.

Don’t worry about it I will explain to you why your website should did not optimized from google console here are some examples you have to change and update in your site.

  1. Verify if your website is blocked
  2. Review your website’s crawlability
  3. Create and submit an XML sitemap
  4. Create and share valuable content
  5. Promote your website on social media

Be patient: Sometimes it takes time for search engines to discover and index new websites. Keep monitoring your website’s performance, and submit updates to Google Search Console

You can make a backlink to your important page to speed the indexing process or use indexmenow

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I have to laugh at that site.

All of this cross-translated by browser.

At a dollar per URL. Yeah, sure, just send us 500$, and if those pages index in the next 10 days, we keep your money.

So they’re faking views to your URL to get Google to index it faster. I’m sure that’s perfectly legitimate…

Course they do…

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