Html learn

hi i am bhup kinha

i want to learn html
how to learn html give me some best site of html

Hi, I can recommend you the site I personally like and use a lot:

thank you very much

No No No! Buy a book, there are many, but please don’t learn from

I think the best way to learn is reading this book “build your own website the right way using html css” or there is some useful books …

Why not? Can you explain please? I’d like to know too :slight_smile:

Well bummer, it seems w3fools has removed all of the examples of poor advice advocated by w3schools…
Anyways, you will find a lot of incorrect or poor advice given on w3schools. has a good list of resources you could utilize and I’ve also heard good things about

Basically, it is not updated as often as it is desirable and there are quite few practices there that are outdated and not recommended.

They do an amazing job but this is a guys maintained by very few people (I think two guys? can’t remember now) and lots of information…