HTML email template - mso conditional statement in outlook not working

Hi. I’m customizing the Opt-in confirmation email template in Form builder Mailchimp for a project.
When I sent a test everything looks great in Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook web mail client, except for the Outlook desktop app v16.0, which I have a spacing rendering issue.
The cause of the problem was the “Confirm Subscription link/button” from the form builder, that generates the <br> tag after it, which outlook desktop app didn’t ignore, unlike other email clients.
To fix the issue, I tried to add CSS style for <br> tag and display it none but it didn’t seem to work.
I also used mso conditional statement to target this specific version of outlook desktop app. I added padding-bottom in <td> of a first text and place it inside mso, to have an equal spaces. But unluckily, outlook desktop still didn’t acknowledged it. I tried many things adding css, margin, etc., nothing works. Any idea how to fix this? It seems that I did something wrong with mso.

Here is my code:
I have to split my HTML into two parts to make the “Confirm subscription link” in the middle. Since this link was unable to remove.

I have also attached the sample test email I made in Gmail and Outlook and the default template of subscription in form builder for you to see.

Any help would be so much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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