CSS being injected into my HTML emails from MS Outlook.... anyone see this before?


I create a weekly email from my company and for some reason, a few people in the office opening this email see it rendered differently. I have been using an email server called Blue Hornet and developing an HTML email in an external client (komodo edit). I then cut and paste all the code in the email service providers site and send a test. The email seems to reach me fine but for some in the office the email get injected with some CSS with classes I did not create. For example, table class=“MsoNormalTable”. I can only assume that MSO is microsoft office however, it is screwing up the rendering on there outlook.

Is there something I can do to strip this style from Outlook or am I SOL on this one?

Thanks for the help and advice anyone has to offer,


Different email clients display HTML email differently, so you have to be very careful to account for all these differences while coding. HTML email is a ghastly area, so it’s not much fun. You basically have to use tables and inline CSS to even get close to a consistent layout. And don’t let any code get injected by any other tool. Is there a setting that asks the mail service not to mess with the code? I use CampaignMonitor, where there is such an option.

Hi Ralph:

yes, there is that setting which was one of the try’s I tried when trying to figure this all out. I am only using Tables and inline CSS for any of my emails so that is not the issue. The funny thing is that, it’s just on this one persons computer or Outlook where a certain section of the email is affected.

How can that be?

Any thoughts or advice on this would be a great help,


Also, I noticed the code that came from the email sent to OL has one line of CSS that is causing the rendering issue. Is there a way to make outlook not inject it’s code into an email?


I don’t think Outlook itself will insert code as such. Usually you can modify your template to keep Outlook happy. We’d really need to see the email in question to be able to tell, though. Is there an online version you can link us to?