Html email spacing collapses in Outlook 2007 +

Hi all,

I’m beating my head against the wall on this one. :headbang:
I’ve recode our HTML/marketing email template every year and always get it to work. The latest iteration works fine everywhere except Outlook 2007 and beyond (of course). I can’t figure out what to do do fix it.

[U][B]You can see it here[/B][/U]
The buttons down the left column are the issue. In Outlook 2007+, those buttons collapse down to where they butt up against each other. I can’t make them stop it.

Any suggestions?
Greatly appreciate any feedback, I’ve tried a bunch of stuff and am just stumped.

Have you tried just giving those table cells a height?

One thing I would suggest is you use a valid <!DOCTYPE> such as XHTML 1.0 or HTML 4.01 Transitions just so everything uses a fairly consistent method for rendering the email, I would also recommend you review your code as I can see some room for improvement that would make it easier to maintain.

EDIT: Also while I think about it make sure you always give <img> elements a block level style as it removes the native margin that Lotus Notes and Outlooks gives them when it renders the HTML.

Ralph, Chris, thank you both! that worked it out.