Howdy all. Need advice on bkm for developing my own wordpress theme please?

been google & youtube serching for tutorials & info on how to create own wp theme.
I installed wp as well on one of my sites so I could work on it. & was taking apart some code to see about reverse engineering it.
& I run across stuff like


I have just started on php and normally I would have used

include 'file.php';

so it would seems that to use the get_header my files actually have to be:
1 on the server
2 download wp to my own laptop? I can’t just work on a theme w/out it?

Advice appreciated.
thx all!

To start theme development, best option is to install WordPress on your local machine, meaning, that you have to intall web server with PHP support and MySQL. Of course, it’s possible to create theme on your server and edit there, but in my experience it’s not the fastest and most convenient way to do development.
get_header() includes appropriate header file in your theme. [URL=“”]Codex is a good starting point for theme development and documentation in general.

Thank you Ronalds. went haed and insatlled wp on the laptop I now have a sandbox to play with :slight_smile:

SitePoint also has a great book out on theme development. Check out Build Your Own Wicked Wordpress Themes in SitePoint’s library. It’s a great place to start.

Thx bmorgan, will do that. I was wondering about a good up to date book I might check out.