How/where to get content for my blog regarding web design & business?

I have been writing articles for a few years now, but don’t have many really. I would like to pump in more fresh content, more consistently. Is there a place on the web where I can pull content from that doesn’t have links to other people’s websites? Any tips and advice would be great!

The single place that that doesn’t have links to other people’s websites it is wikipedia, but if you pull content from there i don’t think google will like you any more.

there is a plugin called wp robot that does that.

now bear in mind google is cracking down these kind of sites these days.

It’s a big risk to take contents from other sites, that could be penalize by search engine

This is a marketing forum. A scraper plugin isn’t marketing, it’s about avoiding marketing.

Check out Getting Real. (And no, I don’t mean check it out so you can scrape something from a company who can afford a team of lawyers.)

Notice it is not about Ruby, PHP, or a dozen other “here’s how to do it yourself so you don’t ever have to hire me” topics. Because, chances are, your marketing goals consist of attracting and targeting people who would want to hire you. Getting Real does that by supplying the information people hiring a developer want to know.

Getting Real is marketing. All the craigslist flunkies, and article rehashers are is marketing suicide. Develop a business philosophy and basic “why hire me instead of the 50,000 others” proposition.

I wouldn’t advise completely pulling content from other sites or your website will be penalised for having duplicate content. Instead why don’t you find various articles from different sources then what you could do is read some of these articles and rewrite a fresh article in your own words similar to what you have read, but then add something unique to the article aswell so your publishing something that has not been already fully covered on another site, this could be something that is fresh to the web.

I’m trying to figure out a way to put out fresh content faster.
I 've got lots of content running around in my head . Can’t seem
to get it out fast enough.

If you can afford it you could try those content creation services.

that’s all I can think of right now.

Wikipedia is a good place to get info and just put it in your own words, what people really look for is the info in your own words. Just thing about it there is info about everything everyware, but that info in your works is only in your blog. Also people like al lot lists, like the best 10 of…, the top 5…

You should be aware that copying content from other sites can be penalized by google. A way of writing natural and fresh content is to read articles from different sources and write them in your own words. I like the idea of marcopetriz, lists, top ten, the best of …

For my blogs i always get content from Wikipedia and i never face any copy right issue :slight_smile:

I also heard about google cracking down does kind of sites. But I don’t think you will actually get penalized. You just won’t be taken in consideration if all of your content is taken from somewhere else.

I don’t think pulling content from other sites and placing them into yours without including links back to those sites will work. How would you feel if you see your blog articles posted on other sites without a link going back to you? If you really need content for your site, read related articles and explain them in your own words.