Adding articles to my product pages

Hi guys

I regularly write articles for my site, thing is my site has limitations and I can’t create custom pages to add these articles to. So would I still get seo benefit from just adding the article under a product description?

Say the article was about red apples and I placed the article under one of my red apple products.

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I don’t think the poster is a developer.

If you follow the implication of my post, of course the poster would be a craigslist flunky, hired for five bucks, by a developer in a panic because a client asked them about using some “thing” called content to promote their site.

My guess would be you’ll find some developer complaining about clients who don’t furnish content with a similar time stamp (different handle of course, as it would be two different people).

You don’t really believe the op of this thread is a developer do you? Looks to me like somebody who is looking for a free ride both here and on the web.

good catch, did you report him?

Well, it was pretty obvious as it was an on topic post about writing.

Yes, red flagged.

good catch, did you report him?

Or you could just read the other posts from the thread you scraped.

One more time: Don’t scrape from the same forum you’re trying to spam.

If done as most articles are – and the real OP backs this up in the original thread – you’ll get poor conversions.

Most people want to use generic scrape-level articles. Try writing a review, from the point of view of a buyer.

Then use the destination link to close the sale. Don’t do a “name, rank and serial number” spec sheet.

i am also agree with Diuge Peters and c2uk by posting article on blogs or you can get lots of backlinks that can help to increase trafic on your site and you can also get dedicated traffic who wants to buy your product or have intrest on your site…

I would go with what c2uk proposed “…you can get an account at blogger or and use that to post those articles, linking to your products and from there to the article.”

I think it speaks volumes to the saying writing is thought. And a lot of people can’t write.

Given the development community handles the craft of writing like a soiled diaper – with a gas mask and tongs – what do you expect.

Okay so this is totally off topic, but I am new here and really just wondering, but why does someone do this? I see fake signature removed. So basically is someone not only trying to wrongly get traffic but they were also too lazy to type up a short post themselves? Lol is that how it works?

you’ve got a few alternatives, sure you can just add the article to your product page, though I would only do this if it’s not too long - nothing to do with SEO, just personal preferences as I don’t like product pages with too much text.

Alternatively, you can get an account at blogger or and use that to post those articles, linking to your products and from there to the article.

Or, if your current ecommerce script isn’t up to the task, install in a subdomain or subfolder, customise it the way you want and do the same as above. With some php magic you can automatically link the two together or do it manually.

If you go with either of the above alternatives, you should start utilising the full power of blogging, i.e. building relationships with like-minded bloggers and those that share your target audience.

i think so ,you can do it just write an article about red apples and then place the article under an red apple product.