How to write interesting content user should engage

I’m struggling for content I have done according to the user behavior but still not getting results on


So you’ve written about your site’s content topic, and people havent found it engaging? Have you considered the subject just… doesn’t interest people?


I write according to the people interest and done all the SEO I got results after 3 months and now it’s vanished from google search It was on 2nd position. Then I tried to change the content but all in vain

I looked up the site in Google by using the site filter. Your site is basically identical to at least a dozen others, even those with similar if not identical names.

I dont know how you “write according to the people interest” when your site has had… 13 pages indexed, and most of them arent content-ful pages.

Your blog has 4 articles, all written and posted on the same day a month ago, and none of which are indexed in Google. The articles also link to less-than-reputable sites, such as those advertising to break Instagram’s terms of service by buying followers.

There’s also evidence that either you’re duplicating your work, or you’ve not actually written the content at all, for example one of your articles includes a link to download a competitor’s software, because you’ve copy and pasted it without even reading the thing.

There’s no such thing as “on 2nd position”, because every search in Google is different and tailored to the user. It’s not a global ranking site.

Point to be noted. and it’s helpful. Thank you for your advice I’ll fix it

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Don’t limit yourself to sharing only the text, use different formats such as photos and videos, but always post something that will be interesting and helpful to your followers.
Create brief taglines to engage the target audience and to pose queries that prompt interaction. Oh, yes, do not forget about putting the calls to the action and feedback to comments on – it is not one-way communication.
Use SSSInstagram. web app which can show you what type of content gets the most engagement and adjust the content promotion methods used accordingly.
Even though this is a fact, I will emphasize that the more you post, the more you will see your engagement rise.

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