Do you think analyzing competitiors site while writing content ..?

Hi to all
I have heard of keyword density , proximity and prominence to write seo friendly content.

But when I saw the content for the websites appearing on first page , they look very ugly . I mean they have written too much content which does not even require based on specific products.

we are serving to people not search engine. So I do not write that kind of content … But i need your opinion whether it is ok or not…

I think ‘INDIAMORE’ has a very good point. The content should be interesting and easy to read for the user.

This will even have an indirect effect on your page rankings as if the content is a lot better and easier to read than your competition your site might become more popular.

I don’t really get what you mean here but for your title question, I would highly recommend you to yes, analyzing others’ websites for comparison and consideration for your own website… But what I mean here is not plagiarizing or copying exactly, but you can try to see how they make the site attractive and high-traffic.

And if you mean when writing the first page should be not too much content more than needed, related, and descriptive to what you are selling or serving, I do agree with you.

The best thing you can do on this part…when you make an analysis of your competitors ,the content may be a secret . Though , in my opinion, you may see how they are manage their business.

You simply need to focus, on keywords desity, and corection content.

This thing does matter,You content should b product related and user friendly as well,a conten writter shoul have these 2 thing in mind while writing content.


Copywriting is a function of writing first. That implies content, meaningful and useful.

Google freely admits that it prefers content that is written for readers first, and search engines second. That means, if you’re keyword stuffing (or doing anything else that’s unnatural), Google’s not going to reward you for it - because it makes for a bad experience for the reader.

Your goal should always be to find the right keywords, then integrate them naturally into your content. If you’re forcing keywords in because you think it will help your search engine ranking, you’re doing yourself a real disservice.

I just wrote about this in another post, but it find of fits here as well.

As an internet user, I get turned off by content that you can tell is 100% written for the search engines and nothing else. I rarely go back to a blog that has keyword stuff posts. As an internet user, I want to see interesting content is that useful and easy to read.

So I keep that in mind when I write. It does require a bit more work, but it is possible to write for both the search engines and readers at the same time.

I use a keyword suggestion tool to get sample search phrases related to my subject. I then take a phrase or word and write an article off that. The whole time, I am keeping that original keyword or phrase in mind. I try to insert in throughout the article when writing as much as possible. However, if it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t go in.

Sometimes, I will go back through an article I wrote and see how many times my keyword is used. If it is used way too little, I will try to find the best places within the article to insert in.

But, I am always keeping “would I like to read this article” in mind.

In terms of ugly content, I like to keep my articles with semi-short paragraphs to break up all the content. If I have a lot of points that need to be covered in one article, I tend to break it down with headlines and bold print. I find that to be easier on the eyes. Moreover, your readers can basically skim the article and get the gist of it.

What do you mean by “ugly” content? Is it too long and rambling, just not written very well, keyword stuffed??

If the content for your top competitors isn’t very good, you should be happy because it will be that much easier to beat them. Keep building quality one-way links, and publish content (both on-site and off) that’s informative for your readers (while also naturally including your target keywords, of course), and you may be pleasantly surprised by your success!

just do your way, and write what you think is needed…just make sure the thought is there.

No, One thing is important, user friendly content is important.

I mean they have written too much content which does not even require based on specific products.

Not sure what you mean here.

Is it okay not to spam search engines and write for customers? Yes.

Can you earn rank through writing rather than rigging page rank mechanically? Yes. Does anyone believe that? Not many based on action.

Found out the site is hosted with Hostgator. Hope they will be helpful.

As a writer and website owner I agree with my_misyel. A good seo copywriter should be able to strike that elusive balance of writing for the human reader as well as ensuring that the copy/website is well positioned in the SERPs.

Actually, your first priority in writing content should be the human reader. You should only use optimization as a tool to get your content faster to your readers.

doesn’t google have algorithms to check for content that is solely written for rankings… they have ways of kicking down pages that have unnatural written content? correct me of i am wrong.

What’s meaning of ‘user friendly content’ , SEF or useful for visitor ?


User friendly content is the content which fulfills what user’s demand. They provide them with the search that they are looking for. The content should be easy to read and understandable.