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I have a website and i am working for it to rank it. But it’s not working. Someone visited my website for me and he told me that the articles published in my website are not engaging and I should publish engaging contents.
Will engaging content help me to come out of this situation?

How would you describe the current articles in your website? If your articles are in decent quality and relevant to your audience, it will naturally be engaging. Otherwise, he might be saying that your articles are not interesting enough.

You also need to consider other things: accessibility. Is it shareable through social media? Have you made your site mobile-friendly? Factors like that also affects traffic.

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Could you explain the problem a bit more?

Engaging content can indirectly contribute to ranking because if people love your content, they’ll want to share or republish it. That can help you in terms of your offsite efforts.

With regards to onsite optimization, engaging content encourages your visitors to stay a little longer. They might even be persuaded to check out other pages. This can help with lowering your bounce rate and improving relevance.

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Yeah my site is SEO friendly.

I agree with the contributors above. If you provide engaging content/interactive tool that is relevant to your audience then people will be willing to share/republish your content on their sites or social media. Therefore, These efforts can contribute to your ranking.

Engaging content for me is more on a certain topic that people can relate to and easy to follow through when you read.

I haven’t read your articles yet, but for me I always apply the rule of what is it for them, not for me. What they can get from reading my article? Try to change the tone of your article a little bit playful yet engaging and people can learn from it.

I aggree to @JuliaStaRomana, Having an engaging content have a big impact on the visibility of a certain page. Other strategy to make your visitor stay longer maintain your interlinking back link. Link those most related topic on a certain page and having a little eye catching title.

I agree with @jeffreyrodburg82. If your content is specified only to a certain amount or a certain audience, then you have nothing to worry about.

Engaging content is useful and informative content that the people really looking for.
Engaging content attracts more people to your blog. They love to read and this content provides enough information, this content has the ability to fulfill the requirements of the readers.

The content on your website should be engaging and interesting for your target audience. If people would like what you are writing on your blog, they will start sharing it or following your blog to read each new article. So of course, this is important. At the same time, all the stories should be SEO-friendly and contain keywords, that are related to the topic.

You should always have a mix between informative content and engaging content, thats at least where I made the best experience with.

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Creating engaging content is a learning process but the most important thing is to keep moving; the more you write, the better you get.

I guess one of the most important aspects in writing engaging content is giving value. Include plenty of information from your research, etc, as if people find it helpful, they will also find it interesting (ensuring they read all of it, thus lowering your bounce rate). It will also help you to get higher rankings on search engines.

Also, do you write in a friendly or formal manner? As a general rule, try to write in a way similar to how you would speak to a friend. Not too formal, but not too informal.

I hope you will find this helpful!

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