Content writing?

hi guys…
content writing is a kind of work that needs a lot of creativity…is it best way to write the articles in a fun way…do writing articles in a fun way attract more customers???
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Exactly. It’s no use at all being no.1 in Google, Yahoo and Bing if people take one look at your website and think “What?! Was this written by baby chimps on their day off??” … you’ve drawn them in and then given them no reason at all to stay or do business with you. That strategy is never going to do well for you.

Actually, writing for SEO doesn’t need that much flair for writing. However, if you really want to get a good traffic, then you need to come up with ones that people will likely read.

the content writing is a great way to improve the website, but the most important how can you write a great article, and people can read as the original and be attracted to your website?

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Discipline or Creativity, that is the question.

Discipline without creativity won’t last long; it’s bad business. Creativity without business discipline will never be seen.

They are two sides of the same coin. Both are sine qua non.

I would disagree that most content writing requires creativity. I see it as much more of a discipline than an art.
There is an amount of creativity required if writing articles from scratch, to find a unique angle etc, but once the content writing starts taking keywords, readability and marketing messages into consideration among other things, it feels like much more of a skill and a discipline than a creative pursuit.

I also disagree with what you’ve put at the most basic level. Writing in a “fun” way doesn’t mean an article will be better (it could make it worse if it’s inappropriate). Some of the best things ever written were serious and strictly defined. It all depends upon what you’re writing as to what is the best method to take (in producing the content). For example, I doubt anyone would write an article about something like Cancer in a light hearted fun tone (to appeal to jokers). Though as a side note, being able to write properly is the most fundamental skill you can attain, and you don’t seem to have gotten that quite right yet. :wink:

hi guys…
content writing is a kind of work that needs a lot of creativity…is it best way to write the articles in a fun way…do writing articles in a fun way attract more customers???


Just reading that gave me a bit of a headache.

Learn how to write. Then focus on the rest.

hey thanks for correcting my thoughts. You are right how can one write a serious disease related topic in a fun way :S

I always think what’s content should share with our visitors when I am writing , so I can think out something to write, of course, content must match your topic .

Its true content is king for ranking well. Your content must be attractive and relevant to the topic. They should not be too long and should not contain repetitive words.

well I think for me… content writing … is the most difficult task … I always need help while writing for something…we can’t only think to go fun writing… It must be relevant and it must be related to the topic your are writing for…

I think it sure can if you just try to write the right article about your niche and about your own style of works. :slight_smile: Whatever works though testing it out is best way to see if this is right but I think it is.

Its funny you ask this, as I often struggle with the same question. I would like to add character to my articles (especially dull topics), but usually stop myself. I think most people are simply looking for answers to their questions that are clear and easy to read, rather than fun and funny.

Go for clarity in your writing above all else.

Which way you write is immaterial. Fun way or other way. The content is more important. You need to look at it from the third person’s or reader’s point of view and then decide how as a stranger you would have felt after reading it.

Exactly right.

It’s important to think about the purpose of the Website. Is is a business site for a company selling a product or service? That will dictate not only the content, but the style. You will want to create a company image, and also tell about the product or service in a way that will predispose the site visitor toward that company and product, and in so doing generate enough interest so that a contact is made. That is the purpose for having the Website.

I think if you accomplish this, you will have satisfied the requirements for ranking as well, though you may find it necessary to do some minor “tweaking”. Read, re-read, and read again. Have someone else read it too. Rearrange or rewrite anything that is awkward or doesn’t flow right.

And writing for advertising isn’t the same as writing for an article. Short sentences are better. Rules can be broken. Less is more.

I too don’t think that one can creat a good article in a fun way, article needs only a specific things to involve regarding the subject or topic and it should be in descipline that attracts the more visitors as they want some interesting and useful one.

I too don’t think that one can creat a good article in a fun way

And that is a point of view shared by about zero percent of every other media type.

Writing in a fun way may not be the right choice of words. However, fun could set apart the article as the coherent work of a human, and not that of a scraper.

Most articles written for the web come off as some juvenile’s homework assignment. You know the type: Light on information, heavy on flller, a questionable grasp of the subject …and often without any point. Not to foget, a decided tone of distate for a chore coming from the writer.

I see it as much more of a discipline than an art.

The articles I see seem more like the writer is being diciplined, not that they have any kind of mastery of writing. And the reader feels punished for paying the article any attention as well.

Do you honestly want to read the five millionth “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” article from a design site? Does anyone honestly want to write another one?

The web is the only place I’ve found where worst practices eveywhere else somehow, some way, become a best practice. Because what you seem to be arguing for in this thread is boredom inducing factoid recitation.

If readers wanted that, they’d read the phone book.

Fun implies you at least know your audience well enough to engage them and provide something they would enjoy. Fun also implies you find the subject interesting enough yourself. And finally, fun implies you have mastered the subject matter well enough to have some fun with it.

All good things for a reader to come away from an article with. All things you’ll find most web writing lacks.

I agree with this. I am currently building up my website and have been writing content on various topics. I sometimes find it quite difficult to strike the balance between actual fact and also engaging my target audience with a unique voice on the subject.

I try to put myself in their position and ask myself, do I want to just read the same cliched phrases I’ve already read on many other websites. But at the same time I don’t just want to be accepting someones personal take on a situation without any actual knowledge behind the subject.

I think if you have knowledge about a subject and an actual passion/interest in the subject then it makes writing about it a lot easier.