How to use PayPal on website for Phone Support with calls charged based on time?

I do phone support and require payment upon completion of the call. The call is billed based on time, so I can’t have a fixed price “Pay Now” link on my site. Instead of me having to go to PayPal and request money, I would like to have a “Pay Now” button on the website. When they click it, here’s the problem. First I don’t know programming. I don’t need a cart, but a form where they can enter amount, maybe name and e-mail, and then are directed to a PayPal to either use Credit Card without a PayPal account, or use their PayPal account and already have the amount due already pre entered.

Are there any other ideas like having a form I can use on my website that maybe generates the link and info so when they click “Pay Now” the cost and info is their and then they just click “Pay” and are directed to PayPal?

Call volume is low, which means I am still not a registered business and can’t (and don’t ever want to ever get close to a customer credit card info) use a Virtual Terminal.

You can use Plimus in this way: when your customer first comes into relationship with you, you can have them go through Plimus checkout to authorize their credit card and subscribe them to a monthly billing but not take any money.

Then, when you provide services to the customer, you add the amount to be billed to the customer subscription at Plimus backend. The bills are accumulated until the billing date and paid by the customer at once. This is good for you because you pay the commission only once and not for every bill.