Paypal button question


I am working on a one time project. I am setting up a website where about 100 people will be going to the site to complete a survey. This is a temporary site, once everyone in the group has participated, it will be removed.

The clients are required to pay a $75.00 fee to take the survey. I have never set something like this up so could use some help. In the past we just had them send a check to pay for the survey, but I am trying to make this more computer friendly.

  1. Do you recommend Paypal for something like this?

  2. I see Paypal have a “pay now” button. I assume that is what I would need as there is only one item on the site to purchase (the survey), and they will only do this once.

  3. Is there a way for people to only use Paypal to pay for the survey and not use their credit card? And if so, if they use just “Paypal” is there a transaction fee associated with this transaction? I guess I am trying to avoid having to pay the percentage fee for each credit card transaction.