PayPal with form

I’m working overtime after normal hours to do some work on my company’s website. After beginning to work on it yesterday I was thinking about where I’m heading with the site and have a question about something I have never done before.

My company produces portraits for college students. I’m in charge of adding a form to the site so they can order, and pay, online. The only issue is I have no idea how to create a form so that when one or more of the 13 different print options are selected the total due in PayPal will be correct.

Say a student orders a Bronze package and an extra 5x7.

How would I set it up so that when advancing to PayPal to pay the amount due represents a bronze package and 5x7?

You can do that all in Paypal. I suggest you take a look at their documentation under business solutions.

Thank you for the response. I forgot all about that option. That will definitely work, but can you integrate a form in with the Add to Cart buttons?

Students Name:
Job Number:
Pose Number:

Bronze (Add to cart button)
Silver (Add to cart buton)

Checkout button

I assume it will allow you to integrate the buttons into a form, but how will all of that information be included when the order is complete? That info has to be included in the order…I’ve never done anything this in depth before, obviously. The fields are required, which I know how do.

Don’t know why you couldn’t. I think you could make the “add to cart” a part of your bespoke form. So, in other words, use your form to collect the information you want. Use the add to cart for your products and of course the buy now will take them to the Paypal transaction. However, I would be sure that yo really need every bit of the information you intend to collect. Customers tend to back out if you are asking for too much personal info.
A nice paypal form, with more advanced options and really helpful.