How to use own connections and their connections?

Hi, my first post here. I hope some of you might be able to help me or at least give me some feedback.

I am about to start up my own internet based business and would (obviously) like to get as many members subscribing to my site as possible. I am willing to spend money on SEO and Google Adwords, but I wonder how I can use my own existing network to get through to thousands within days or weeks.

E.g. I have 300+ Facebook friends and 150+ LinkedIn connections. I assume I have close (enough) relations with around 100 to use them in spreading my message and get them to sign up on my site. But how do you - generally speaking - break through to their network. What incentives do people need to send a message to their 10+ closest friends, who again send it to their 10+ closest friends etc?

Is begging enough?

yes it good that if we create pages in facebook and share in our friends to increase connection but I want these how these connection can increase our business.

Best thing is to just ask… I have about 500 friends on facebook and when sharing a blog I always say (either in the blog or when posting to FB) “the biggest compliment you can give me is to share this with your friends, submit to digg/reddit, or make a comment.” Most of my content is about insurance so it’s not just the sexiest of content but it seems to have worked so far as I tend to share blogs they’d (20-35 year olds) be interested in (how to insure your jewelry, how to insure your ipad, etc).

If you have more connection in Facebook so you can create your fan pages in facebook and send this pages for all your connection its really helpful to you …

Thanks. Encouraging words :slight_smile:

True. You might want to just ask them to refer a friend or refer their friends’ friends. I think that if that doesn’t work, then offer a promotion for their referrals.

I would personally just ask. If you know that someone else has also got a business or product they would like to market, maybe do an exchange. For example, ask them to share your link with their friends. In one month, you will do the same for them.

I have a home improvement blog I just started to showcase the work we are doing on our new house, share tips, and so forth. The 3rd day I had it up and running, the only thing I did was post a link on my Facebook wall. My brother and a friend also shared the link on their page (they were the two people who I was mostly comfortable asking). I got 400 views. It isn’t a huge amount, but I thought pretty decent from just relying on friends and family.

Good luck!