How do you use social networking as an internet marketing tool

Social bookmarking is so hard for me to accomplish. It seems like every time I do 100 bookmarks I still don’t get any rankings. if anything I get ranked down. There has to be a certain way you must bookmark in order for the search engines to accept your link. Am I the only one in the world who doesn’t know how to do it.

Social networking has become the avenue for internet marketers to advertise their products without any cost at all. All you have to do is create an account to all popular social networking sites - add some friends and interact with them as often as you can that way you will be able to establish a good communication with them and hopefully be able to increase the traffic and sales of your product.

That’s good advice and I have not tried that yet. I am so busy that I can’t stay online like that. But I think I will build up some relationships online first with just a few accounts even if it takes time it makes sense to do so. I was always in it for the backlinks and not the interaction part so thanks for your thoughts.


I think u missed this one, knowledge. U had tried submit to many different social bookmark but still show some achievement.100 sites!!Too many dude. I suggest you focus 2 -5 sites to gain some traffic there.

Social bookmark sites that I suggest are del.ic.ous, stumbleupon,digg,facebook and twitter. The effectively is stumbleupon coz u need a few votes from visitors, at least 5. Compare to,the requirement to get in top rank at least 200 diggs, it is too many. U must tell your friend to digg your submit stories dude.

Quality ,not quantity,ok?

Hello revivalx! I like your response, quality not quantity. I so agree with you.

you will not get ranking just by submitting your links to some bookmarking sites…creating backlinks is a continuous process and it will take time, so be patience and working on your backlinks.

Social networks is one of the best place to market your products. Like twitter and Facebook… That’s why most Internet Marketer entering to this field because they know that many people hang outs here wherein if they can easily promote their products.

I use it to connect connect to prospective customers/clients and stay connected with them most of the time.

Great point. We need to get connected with people first to achieve result. I made the same mistake. I’ve created account in over 100 sites too, the next thing I need do is to interact with people. Thanks! A great thread!

I too have started my self using these social networking sites, it might help me in a better way.

You guys are making sense here so that’s why I think those gurus need to stop over hyping backlink building to social sites. The game has changed and the search engines can identify certain behavior now.

Promotion is not only upto 1000 or 10000 links.
It need consistency. You need backlinks and quality backlinks on regularly basiis.