How to use Domains/Subdomains

I have a photography business and my hosting packages contain the .com, .net, and .org version of the domain. I am currently working on a new design/brand for 2013…

While I understand how to create subdomains, etc. I am looking to see if anyone has any web sites and/or suggestions on how to go about using each domain?

I am using the following subdomains already on the dot-com: blog, mail, clients

I will be using the .com as the main site, but am looking into having such things as a pro-bono site (maybe the .org) and hosting personal work (think Flickr-style gallery) as well.

I am looking to grow my business over the next few years, so I’m hoping there is something out there that can help me setup each domain to what would be best for them.

Thanks for your help.

Hi tslusk0501. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Is there any reason why you aren’t just using folders at your main domain (such as It sounds like you are creating a lot for you to manage.

I guess you need to work out what your aims and goals are, but it’s not clear what you mean by ‘something out there that can help me setup each domain to what would be best for them’.

Why not have all of the .com, .net, .org point to the same site and then use or /blog as entry into these specific spaces? It is a lot easier to manage and upkeep plus the URL stays cleaner.

Well, you could setup the .net and .org like you did with the .com (add blog, mail, clients etc. subdomains), but it sounds like it would be pointless. Using subfolders may be easier to setup and manage in the long run.
You’ll have to do that manually of course, I don’t think there’s “something out there that can help me setup each domain to what would be best for them.”

sub domains are like new domains, first of all you need to create subdomains using cpanel, you can find the option of creating subdomains on home page of your cpanel, then treat that sub domain as new domain.

i would have the URLs all pointing to the one site and having subfolders like the OP has suggested

Pointing all urls to one site is a good option, this can done while creating subdomain and redirecting them.


One good use for a sub-domains it to provide ‘top-level’ access to important segments of your web presence. For example if you have [noparse][/noparse] that sells widgets. You also run a news-blog about widgets this news blog does not always reinforce widget sales, sometimes it has widget industry news so having it on the index page of your the site doesn’t make sense. Instead, you create [noparse][/noparse]. This is really [noparse] [/noparse]. You also do a widget video series once a day but rather than sending a complicated link - [noparse][/noparse] to customers you simply feature the most current video under [noparse][/noparse].

People that regularly visit during your video cast may just book mark [noparse][/noparse] to see older videos or view the current video cast.


Based on your query I checked Facebook is not opening has same content from

what would you say now?

First - are you talking about more than 1 domain? I mean first simplify first the things that you want to do - make it clearer.

How to use domain? Domain is like your brand, so your domain name must sounds professional, catchy, and it would be best paired with .com, .co, .net - for example: (well, that’s mine).

Why people use .net, .org. .co for the same domain name? Say, as well as, and -

That is one technique to catch out traffic from spilling outside your basket. Sometimes people type .co instead of .com. But take note, all the other here are redirected to one - say your site has the real domain of!

How about subdomains? If you are dealing a lot, or if you have a multiple niche, then you might use subdomains, it’s perfect for a sub-categories of your site or brand. Say, if you services, then you can put this way -; if you have forums, then you can put this way, if you have blog, then, if you have free coupons, then, if your have support, and much more…

So now - decide what to do first - plan it further :slight_smile:


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