Webs and subdomain - domain ( add subdomain to domain )


I have a pro account on webs.com and i want to add a subdomain to my domain.

Example here:
let’s say my domain is

i want to add subdomains to it like these :

I have contacted the premium support and all they could tell me is to go on google and search subdomain provider. But to tell the turth; i didn’t get it what that supposed to mean. i searched on google and found something about it but i didn’t get it what i need to do!
Webs.com don’t support directly subdomains and they said i need a third party to set up or something like that.

Any advices of how to do it / what to do . They also said i don’t need a new host or domain.


So your paying $16 a month for the pro account ya? You can get Hostgator plan for $9 a month and have unlimited domains and sub domains all for the $9. That’s an option

If you have cpanel or similar on your account you can add Subdomains.

Just checked out your host and it is a web builder type site and I pressume you do not have a cpanel?

Is your domain name tied into them? If not I would change hosts as Eric said; but would check the hosts out before you move as some have hidden charges.

Yeah, Webs.com is a website builder so you probably don’t have the option of creating subdomains. I would research it but their website isn’t even working at the moment.

Is your domain with Webs.com or is it managed by a domain name registrar like Godaddy? With Godaddy, you can follow the directions here to create subdomains.

This is why I have and will continue to offer fair warnings on my blog about website builders. They are useful for many people but you need to understand their limitations before you start throwing money at them.