DNS Manager in Windows Server 2008

Ok, So I have been searching everywhere trying to find a tutorial but It is not going anywhere. Basically I need to create 2 nameservers for Godaddy and pretty much so when i type http://mysite.com it goes to my site. I can access everything from http://myip and everything works. Now is there a step by step on how to actually do it in the DNS Manager? I need help like what IP address do I use is it the router ip? The external IP?

The following site has helped me before.

Id use Godaddy’s DNS services unless you have a compelling reason to host your own DNS.

Thanks for the answer. How would i Do that? Basically just forward the domain to the server ip address? Thanks




Ok thanks I did that, but its almost takin forever to forward. everytime I ping the site its still stuck on the Old host IP server. How long does this usually take

I agree with you wwb_99.