Hosting site on pc

So I have a spare PC and I thought it would be a bit of fun to turn it into some sort of server that I could chuck a few things on and people from the outside world can see. The PC currently has Xampp installed on it fyi.

Up time is not an issue as this is only for fun.

I am a complete noobie at this, so any resources would be appreciated.


If you all ready have the server running on the pc within the local network, you can go into your router settings and find a page that says port forward. Forward port 80 to that PC’s ip address. Then outside the network you can connect using your modems IP address.

Of course a google search of “home pc as a server” turns up may resources.

Conor, I would recommend you to discuss that with your ISP. Some ISP do not allow you to host anything on home PC.

So were you asking a question or just letting us know???

Looks like he is looking for the help and suggestions

Are you looking to set up Windows server or Linux server?

Basically just sounds like you need to forward ports 80 (HTTP), 21 (FTP), and 443 (HTTP-SSL). From there, you can FTP files in, setup databases, etc.

Your IP address will likely change, but you can sign up with DynDNS to deal with that.

Will you ISP know that you are hosting something in your PC?

Your ISP knows everything you do on the internet. It’s their hardware all that data is moving through. They can easily monitor that you’re getting inbound data on port 80, and therefore likely running a web server.

Indeed, but they do not know about what you are going to do. That’s why I think it is good idea call them and share your plans with them.

For learning purposes running a server at home would be fine - I wouldn’t do it to try and host any “real” sites.