How to translate a website?

Back in the day when I first started I duplicated the website and changed the language manually to have different languages…

Now that I have a new project that has 2 languages…I wanna ask…how do you translate a custom coded website? JavaScript, php, APIs??

Of course I do not want to use Google Translate since machine translation is not always correct plus I know both languages.

Please advise,

Thank you

Is the question how to GENERATE the translation, or how to INCORPORATE the translation?

I’m probably gonna get yelled at for it, but I am lazy and use something like a jquery i18n when i need to provide translations.



  1. Current user locale. By default get it from $_SERVER[‘HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE’], than save in cookie.

  2. i18n sources. Could be a lot of variants (JSON, PHP array, XML .tmx…) I would like to use .csv.

  3. Specific class Translator. Translate some text from project locale (e.g. en_US) to current user locale.

Seems good enough.

Plenty of Jquery translator plugins available online. JtextTranslate, Jquery google translate plugin,, Ajax Translator Revolution Lite Jquery Plugin, Lingua Localization Plugin and many more

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And do these plugins work with custom coded websites, @assist1?

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For custom coded site

For WordPress

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