I want to add language translator to my application



I want to add language translator to my web application.

By default the page will come in english and if user want he should be able to translate it into other languages.

Please help me out

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You can try Google Translate API.

Dude in my experience you are better off having a person translate it for you as google etc will probably do a literal translation and some sentence structures, proverbs etc will not cross over well.

Things we say in English that make no sense gramatically in English will look like a mess to a non native speaker.

Of course you are right Ethan-27, but it’s a little harder to have multi-languages, you need to define all text as variables and change them when the language is changing.

Go with google translate. Use the new API they have for it. Works great and is consistently updated so you do not have to worry about updates or adding new languages.

These guys really put the work in on this one

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