Script to manage a website in many languages


What is the best script to mange a website in many languages ?

Wordpress is good ?

A friend advised me to learn about i18n , but I’m not having a high level in programming, I think it’s a PHP framework or something like that…non?

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you may try google translation tools


i18n is an abbreviation for InternationalisatioN. It’s not a specific toolset or framework, more a general term used for anything to do with presenting websites in multiple languages. There’s a good article at Wikipedia.

There’s also l10n, which is an abbreviation for LocalisatioN. The 10 has to do with the number of letters between the ‘L’ and the ‘N’ :slight_smile: Localisation goes a little further than just translating websites, as it also has to do with stuff like date, number and currency formats.

i18n-ing or l10n-ing existing websites can be a lot of work, there isn’t really a a script you can add to do that. However, if you’re starting a new website, it’s not so much a problem. Systems like Wordpress have lots of facilities for i18n and l10n, saving you a lot of work. If you want to update your existing website, then the best starting point is probably to look at the gettext suite of tools (gettext, [URL=“”]php).

thank you BOTH for your help, in fact, about good translation, I like it but I don’t think it’s a good solution to give a professional look of the website, I like more to get for example a php code, I take it and place it in my layout design, and from administration section, I add more languages, so I can translate a part of my website, or entire website. Wordpress is good, or there is better ?


Well, you’ll either need to switch over to a new CMS (like Wordpress), or start from scratch. I don’t really know of any scripts you can just drop into your website and it’s administration section (note that Wordpress etc. have their own admin section).

I think also wordpress if fine, wo I will try to find a website to learn how can I manipulate this CMS, I think wordpress is easy to use…